Thursday, 23 January 2014

9 Boxes of Unidentified Donors

These are the parcels all nine of them that is giving me a headache these days as I cannot find the paper where I wrote the names of donors whose dresses were inside these parcels. I packed these parcels in record 3 nights up to 2am and woke up very early the following morning to bring these boxes to my sister's house where it was going to be picked up since I had to go to work just so I could send it in time for Christmas. These 9 boxes were sent to CDO Philippines last December. Seven of them were for the Christmas bags and two were given as gifts to a school I went to in my elementary days to distribute to the children of the community they have adopted. On these boxes were 213 dresses, 70 pairs of shorts, 50 t-shirts, christmas bags, toys, undies and bras, headscarves, hairties, books and school supplies.
The seven parcels containing the Christmas bags of 150 dresses, 50 pairs of shorts, 50 t-shirts, undies, toys, headscarves and hairties have definitely been distributed from the couple of pictures I have posted. I do have more pictures still to be posted when I get the chance as I still am very busy sorting and packing. The 7 parcels were received by my Aunt Emma and my niece Sharon who did the distributions. Sharon is a doctor who used to work for the Philippine Red Cross and is now back to field work as a doctor and is visiting hinterland areas, remote areas as a doctor and where only doctors dare to go. I will be sending her more dresses before Easter to distribute to the children in the remote areas while treating them, children who probably have not seen the city, never owned a new dress nor owned a toy. She looks forward to the parcels I will be sending her and is excited to make the distribution.

The other two parcels were received by the president of Lourdes College (now a university) Sister Maria Nora R Joson , RVM* and Ms Myrna Fantonalgo the Vice President, Administration of the university. The boxes were delivered to them by my good friend Ana dela Fuente who is also a member of the Zonta Ladies International CDO Chapter. The feedback I got was that they were very happy and thrilled to receive the boxes of 63 dresses, 20 pairs of shorts, bras and undies, books and school supplies as they have never received gifts of this kind before. I am waiting for the pictures that they have taken plus the certificate of appreciation for the donation. The items were to be distributed to two very depressed communities in the area that they have adopted so the children in the communities can go to school. I hope I would be able to raise more books and school supplies to send to them sometime this year.

Now back to the donors, I will try to reconstruct the contents of these nine parcels (rest be assured that I have sent these packages and in fact I paid $336.00 for these parcels to get to them in December. Link to the docket you will find in the Dress distribution page). I dont like mentioning how much postage was paid but with the number of emails I have been getting asking if dresses have been distributed I have no choice. I wish people are a bit more understanding and show some compassion instead of asking if their dresses have been distributed.

Am sure I will be able to reconstruct but will take time. So donors who are still wondering and sending me emails asking if their dresses have already been distributed, your dresses could be in one of these nine parcels (except dresses I received between the October to December timeframe). The donors names will be posted as soon as I have completed the reconstruction.

*RVM stands for Religious of the Virgin Mary

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