Monday, 13 January 2014

Valentine Cards for the elderly

I wrote something about this in my facebook page and just realize it tonight that I did not replicate it in my favourite blog. :-) I have several reasons why I am doing this and one of them is trying not to get burned-out with the task of sorting and packing dresses when I get home from work at night which I have been doing almost every night for the past 6 months. I need to do something temporary for a change (in addition to doing no distributions until April 2014 which is not really true because I am still sorting and packing for unscheduled distributions) and I thought about handmade cards. In case some of you have forgotten, I used to make and sell handmade cards and donated a dollar from every card I sold to a Breast Cancer research group. I stopped when I went into full-time job again and my donation also stopped especially that our signed agreement also expired. I did not ask for a renewal.  I still have some of those cards that were left unsold and most of them are Valentine cards (Does that mean then that no one gives cards anymore on Valentines Day or no one says 'Be mine on Valentines Day' . LOL!)

So last week I sent a general enquiry to Meals on Wheels NSW and mentioned to them about my intention. I thought sending an email was a better option as I was not sure how they would react if I rang them. At least if I did not get a response to my email I would not feel so bad compared to being turned down on the phone. :-) And luckily I got a message left on my voicemail that they were happy to do it on my behalf and that is distribute the cards to the elderly that they serve on Meals on Wheels on Valentines Day. They think it is such a great idea and very much appreciated. Unfortunately, the lady who rang me last week is on leave for a week and will not be back till Monday of next week so I do not have that much details as to where to send. In fact she said she will send me some forms to fill up for media involvement but I think I will let her know next week that it is ok not to have any media involvement. Am kind of a very private person. 

Meals on Wheels NSW I was also told has more than 180 services and I do not believe it will be possible to provide handmade cards to everyone so depending on the number of cards I have, we can select to which suburb(s) the cards can be given to when they deliver meals on the 14th of Feb which I believe is a great idea. So I am not going to say how many more cards I need especially to those who wants to help and/or donate cards but any card I will receive between now and end of next week will be highly appreciated. I myself am aiming for 100 and since I already have about 70-80 cards available I will try to make 20 more between now and next week.

Here are some of the Valentine cards I have available which I will be giving away to a few elderly people to show or let them know that there are many people in this world who still cares about them (even those who do not personally know them)
And to those who wants to help and/or donate cards, please send the cards to the address below -
                      Dress A Girl Australia
                      P.O. Box 240
                      Casula Mall Casula
                      NSW 2170

And please include your name and/or other peoples name if you are a group. Thank you so much for the help. It is very much appreciated.

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