Saturday, 25 January 2014

What's Up this week - Dress A Girl Australia

In my 2014 calendar of events where I listed important dates to follow regarding Dress A Girl Australia's activities for the year, I also mentioned that this is going to be my travel year. One of my trips which is going to be in the middle of this year is our trip to Lima Peru. A few more parcels to pack, some to be sent in the next few weeks as allocated (and the rest of the parcels until I get to raise enough postage money again) I am excited I can go back to sewing again.  I intend to sew at least 75 dresses between now and June to handcarry with me when I go to Lima Peru in July.

Lots of thanks to Suzanne Schenk Lofgren and Rachel Eggum Cinader of Hope-4-Women International for helping in finding a contact for me in Peru. I do not believe I will be able to make the actual distribution of dresses but at least there is someone who can probably do it on my behalf. More details on this as the event draws nearer. 

Here is a snapshot of a few Little Peruvians that I hope will be one of the few recipients of the dresses in a few months time.
I will only be handcarrying dresses made by me and possibly by my sisters from the fabric materials donated to me by a few ladies last year which I never had the chance to make into dresses due to a tight schedule. I hope to reach my goal of 75. Whatever the number I am able to sew I will handcarry them.

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