Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dress A Girl Australia Well for clean water update and others

I am now below $10,000 on the Dress A Girl Australia fundraising campaign for a clean water for the people of Kalagi Uganda. I have raised $609 so far. It is still a very,very,very long way to reaching the goal but it is moving through the help of friends and I hope to spend more time on this project for the next two months. Thank you to those who have donated so far. I really appreciate it.

Except for the parcels that I am sending in the next two weeks, I am still sticking to my plan of no new distributions until I start 2014 activities in April. I am still sticking to the plan I had last year where no dresses received in October to December will be distributed until I restart in April unless sizes are needed. This is in reply to a few emails I have received asking how come their dresses have not been distributed yet. Please note that it is not just a matter of sending off the dresses once I receive your donations. It takes a lot of time, effort, money, sizing, weighing of parcels, coordination, communication and organization between myself and the recipients before the parcels are actually sent and I really hope some donors do understand this. 

I am still sticking to my plan of having a rest from Dress A Girl Australia activities between now and April. I still have my left arm to take care of which got hurt in one of the parcels sent to me last year weighing more than 5 kilos. And I am still sticking to what I have said earlier that parcels should be packed in kilos of 5 or less. I have not been getting a good feedback (a few unwanted emails received) since I imposed this maximum limit of kilos on parcels. I just want everyone to know that I love what I am doing and the only way I can keep on doing this is if I am fit and dont get hurt so I need to look after myself as well. Even if it is my choice to do all of this for free, I also have the choice of not getting hurt while doing what I like to do and so I try to find ways of avoiding injuries or inconveniences to happen. I try to find ways on how to improve this campaign. If anyone is unhappy with what I am doing, then what can I do.

Donation acknowledgements will resume when I resume 2014 Dress A Girl Australia activities in April.

Thank you.

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