Monday, 27 January 2014

Lost and finally found t-shirts

This is a good sign that I am almost done in my tasks (with only 4 days left in January) and looking forward to a good 2 months rest and possibly spend time crafting and/or sewing dresses . Why do I say am almost done? Well, a few days before Christmas when I was on the final stages of packing the Christmas Bags, I got short of 2 t-shirts. I needed 50 and I only had 48. Instead of buying just 2 I went to purchase 10 just in case I miscounted. I knew I packed the 2 but I could not find the other 8. Finally I gave up thinking that I must have included it in one of the parcels. Guess what, yesterday I found the 8 t-shirts when I was finalizing my packing for Kenya and Malabon Phils. It was squeezed in between the dresses, hidden so well (probably gasping for breath under the piles of dresses) and the only way you can find it is if all dresses are gone.

So finally, am able to post the picture of the 10-tshirts which I took before I packed 2 of them for the Christmas bags.
Whew! What a relief that I found the pack although if they were inadvertently included in the Christmas bags, it would still be ok because then I would have provided t-shirts to 58 boys instead of just 50. At least I know now that I didnt make the mistake of throwing it away in the bin. :-)

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