Thursday, 30 January 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/1 #3 - 32 Dresses from Suzanne

When I received an email from Suzanne Nixon requesting for some labels I got so excited about it. Last year she sent me dresses with something special inside each pocket. A mini doll and I was hoping that she would do the same this year which she did. She sent 32 dresses and 24 dolls and this is donation acknowledgement #3 which I am making an exception (again acknowledging early) because I just have the right location for these dresses with dolls to go to. My doctor cousin who goes to hinterlands or remote locations  in CDO Philippines (and where only doctors dare to go) to treat small kids and I want her to give each kid that she and her group treats with a dress and a doll inside the pocket. I know the number is limited but it sure would make 24 little girls happy. And am sending the parcels to her (in addition to other dresses) at the end of March (so that means I have to pack them).
Here are the 32 dresses and 24 dolls that Suzanne sent me this time -
and here is a close-up picture of a doll that goes inside the pocket of each dress -
To Suzanne, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity and thank you as well to the mini dolls that came with the dresses. These items will definitely bring big smiles and wide eyes filled with excitement and surprise to the 24 lucky little girls who get to receive them. Thank you so much.

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