Friday, 24 January 2014

Information on the Winter Appeal for South Africa

This year is going to be an awesome year and the first drive that will contribute to a 2014 awesome year is the winter appeal for the children of South Africa . I wish I could raise more but due to parcel constraints, at this time I am only raising winter clothing for 40 children.  I may add more depending on weight and space availability so it is very important that the guidelines on what to contribute is followed. These requirements have been set up to comply or make sure that I meet the foundation’s requirements of their clothing sponsorship program.

What is required from donors - For every child, there should be
(1) one closed-neck long-sleeved cotton t-shirt
(2) one winter singlet
(3) one cotton pants or fleece pants
(4) one pair of winter socks
(5) one beanie 

I am setting a limit of one donor-one child to give chance to others who may want to contribute. If you cannot provide the whole set, please identify what you can donate by ticking the box in the form of the item that you can contribute . Any missing item will be sourced from other donors. (i.e. Beanies, I currently have 10 beanies on hand). 

The clothing materials need to be brand new. Used clothing will not be included in any of the parcels. The foundation has a ‘hand-me-down’ policy for the clothes. If a kid who is 5 years old outgrows his allocation, if the clothing items are still wearable it is handed down to another 5 year old who needs a new allocation and the previous owner gets allocated a new set based on his new size. So it is very important that the items are durable and new so it would last longer.

The winter parcel needs to leave Australia by mid-of May so I am looking at early or mid-March to have all contributions already on its way to Sydney. Confirmation of parcel due date will be advised once I have the numbers of contributions confirmed.

Here is the link to the form where you can provide your details and intention to help keep at least 40 children in South Africa warm this winter -

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity!

If anyone has a question(s), please feel free to send an email to

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