Saturday, 25 January 2014

Feedback on Distribution by the RVM sisters of CDO Philippines

As I have written earlier that two of the parcels I sent last December to CDO Philippines which had 63 dresses, 20 pairs of shorts, books and school supplies were donated to Lourdes University who has about three adopted communities in the region. I was looking at an attachment sent to me by my friend Ana who made the actual delivery of the parcels to the RVM sisters when I noticed a dress worn by one of the kids. It was so small because it was in a collage format but I thought the dress was familiar. So I sent her another message asking if she could send a bigger image and indeed she had pictures but is so busy she can not find the time to send and has to send it in batches as she cannot send in bulk. She is a teacher so her hands are full but she sent me two last night and this is one of them. 
The distribution was done in Balulang Elementary School, a school adopted by the nuns of Lourdes College to help kids in the community get an education and the few dresses you see in this picture came from the 63 dresses that I donated to the school last Dec and where am still having a headache trying to reconstruct the donors. Look at how behave these kids are, sitting down waiting for further instructions. :-)

When I receive more pictures I will post them here. By the way, the child in the middle is wearing a dress donated by Gaylene Herrmann, the dress I recognized in the very small picture pasted in the attachment which was in collage format.

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