Thursday, 2 January 2014

Important Notice regarding dress sizes below 4 please read !!

As of tonight, I have 735 dresses on hand and 462 of these dresses are below size 4 (between the sizes of 0 to 3). I am having a difficult time distributing these dresses as the feedback I am getting is they need bigger sizes. With the cost of sending parcels overseas going up again, I dont want to send these dresses only to find out that no one is wearing them. This is a difficult decision to make especially for those who have been making a lot of these sizes (but for almost 6 months now I have been posting about sizes that are needed) but as of tonight and until such time that I am able to clear these 462 dresses, I will not be accepting dresses below size 4. I cannot afford to rent a small warehouse to safekeep dresses that are slow moving. I hardly have a space left in the room that I am using in my house so please if you want to help please make bigger sizes. 

I want to focus my expenses on the sending of dresses for distribution rather than paying for a space to safekeep dresses that cannot be distributed. This restriction will be lifted as soon as I have cleared these dress sizes for distribution. Thank you.

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