Monday, 27 January 2014

My Winter Appeal sets

Last Saturday morning from the postoffice I decided to go to K-mart and check out prices for the winter appeal program. The items that I bought were still a bit pricey because I think it is still a bit early to be buying these type of clothing especially when it is still about 34 degrees outside in some locations.

Anyway, I bought myself 2 sets for the winter appeal program. One for a boy and one for a girl both size 6. I  found a ready-made set more expensive so decided to go for a mix and match.
Just to give everyone an idea as to how much it probably will cost you to buy a set here is what I spent. Other shops maybe  cheaper so I would suggest shopping around before buying anything if you are intending to donate.
           For the girl size 6 I paid $5.00 for the close neck shirt and $6.00 for the leggings.
           For the boy size 6 I paid $5.00 for the close neck shirt and $8.00 for the pants
I think i can find the pants cheaper in other shops but it was good quality and did not really want to drive to another mall to save a dollar because then my petrol would be more expensive. :-) And because I only needed one singlet and one pair of socks each and looking at prices buying a pack of 3 was cheaper than buying just one piece, I bought a pack of 3 for the socks and the singlet at $5.00 each. So now I have an extra pair of socks and singlet which I can allocate to other contributions requiring a sock or a singlet. I did not have to buy a beanie. I got the allocation from the beanies Gaylene Herrmann sent to me last week. 

All in all I spent $14.30 for the girl winter set and $16.30 for the boy winter set. For some of you who wants to help in the winter appeal, if you shop around I think you will be able to get it at a cheaper price. Maybe next week it will be a dollar or 2 cheaper. It is just me who does not want to do it. I will just skip my dessert a day next week to make up for it or buy sushi rolls instead of a lasagne for lunch. LOL!

So now I have the following available for allocation to other sets -
1 singlet
1 pair of socks
5 beanies 
I have not look at the submissions yet but whoever needs any of the above, please let me know.

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