Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A few more of this....a little bit of that.

1) Before anything else, one of the items I listed on ebay just got sold about an hour ago. One more item to go and my parcel to Kenya is going to say goodbye to Australia. WooHoo!! Thank you to the buyer of the item. You probably do not know that with your purchase you just helped Dress A Girl Australia in dressing about 70 less fortunate kiddies in Kenya. Thank you for your purchase. It is much appreciated.

2) It looks like I have an unscheduled distribution that needs to be sent to the Philippines by end of January. Feeling happy as I can send small sizes.

3) If anyone is thinking of donating undies, please consider sizes between 0 to 6 for girls. Overflowing supplies for boys so dont need any. Have lots of 8 to 12 and dresses are mostly between 0 to 4. Sizes 0 to 6 will make me feel high. :-) Thanks heaps!

4) Anyone out there who wants to see a chart on average waist/size measurement for boys shorts, please see below - (Thank you Katherine! )
Till next this and that!

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