Thursday, 23 January 2014

Important Info on Dress Materials to use

It is time to remind everyone again that when making dresses to donate to Dress A Girl Australia to please make sure that you use cotton materials or fabrics that are sturdy enough to withstand washing in rivers, using stones to wash away dirt etc. Materials should not be flimsy or so thin that you can actually see your hand behind the material. 

Effective immediately, any dresses donated that do not meet these simple guidelines will not be included in any distributions and the donor will be contacted if contact details are available so please make sure that your contact details are also included in your parcels. Thank you.


  1. They seem to be very fussy if they have no clothes. What about stretch cotton material. People are alleged to have nothing and charities are getting so fussy

    1. Hello, Thank you for your comment. I dont think they are fussy. In fairness to the children who will be receiving these dresses, I dont think they even know what material type is being used or why they are being given dresses. You can see this from the expressions on their faces. The reason why we emphasized cotton is because cotton is very durable and we know that it can withstand any rough environment like washing in rivers or using stones to remove dirts. We want the recipients to wear the dress for a longer period of time especially if it is the only new dress they own and anyone knows that if it is cotton it will definitely be able to withstand rugged environments. If by stretch cotton you mean cotton similar to 100% cotton-made t-shirts then it probably will be good enough. Thanks.