Monday, 27 January 2014

Habit Factor Challenge Update

This is for a friend of mine who is watching me doing this challenge. After 3 weeks, this is where I stand and a week more (ends on the 2nd of February) to submit my data to check my progress and see if I win a prize in the competition. 
Trying to develop a habit of saving a gold coin a day I now have $42.00 in my moneybox after 21 days. Dont look that much but I counted it last night and it does equal 21 days@2.00 a day. Sometimes I do not have a gold coin so I dropped 2 dollar coins. Will be a big help this weekend when I send a parcel. :-)
I have learned 20 Japanese verbs in the last 21 days although they are a bit confusing and I really have to use or more of "hear it often" so I can remember them. I listen to the verbs when am on the train on my way to work and really helps. The nice thing about the Japanese language is you use the same verb regardless of whether you are referring to yourself (I) or another person (He or She) or a group(them) unlike Spanish where you use different pronouns otherwise they will not understand what you are saying.

Been 100% on the above habits but not on the third habit of walking 10,000 steps a day. Am not using the weather as an excuse (although I probably am crazy if I start walking at 30 degrees, dont think am that desperate) but due to work sometimes I feel lazy to go out at lunchtime. I think I missed 6 out of 21 but I already lost a kilo. Am not like other people where after a couple of days exercise, their weight immediately drops. But this is what I need to prepare myself for my Lima trip. :-)

Since I have been doing this for 3 weeks now, my day does not seem to be complete if I cannot accomplish at least 2 of them. The challenge is ending on Monday and not really sure what my chances are of winning although I would love to win. But win or lose, as far as developing habits to reach my goals I think I already won. Winning a prize is just a bonus (and would help my postage fund of course. LOL!)

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