Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pictures and Dresses

I am not supposed to be writing this because I am at work but I have no choice because it is a bit disturbing. I just want to let everyone know that sometimes pictures are not possible to be taken. Imagine if there are 200 children around you and there are only 2 of you distributing. Sometimes some of you would be lucky to see your dresses worn by a child in a picture sometimes not but this does not mean your dresses were not distributed. If you have any doubts about the dresses you contribute, please go to my blog and there is a special tab "Dress Distribution” where you can find all the links to all the distributions I have made. I also post links to the postage I paid for the parcels that I send. I try to update this page whenever I can but since this is only a volunteer work for me(which is now taking up my spare time just to make everyone happy) I cannot spend all my time just doing updates. Please note that I also have a full-time job from Monday to Friday. Sometimes it is not possible for me to identify all the donors of the dresses but if you see your dresses as part of the parcels then let me know.
The last thing I want to happen is for the people distributing dresses especially in remote areas to buy a camera just so pictures can be taken and to pay huge amounts of money to have them developed to send to me or pay huge internet charges to send emails with pictures attached. Dont forget that these dresses are sent to less fortunate locations where communications are not readily available or not so cheap the same way here in Australia. Asking these individuals or groups to make the distribution on  my behalf is already asking a huge favour from them especially if they have to hire transport to take these dresses to the children. They also have their own personal commitments like family, work etc. Once they received the parcels any expenses incurred by them comes from their pocket so this is also a big sacrifice on their part so I hope that some of you could be more understanding. The way I see it everyone involved from sewing to sending to distributing plays an equal part as far as time, money and effort are concerned. No one is at a losing end.
Pictures are just bonuses if I get to receive any. What is important to me is that the parcels arrived at its destination and gets released to the recipients. Making follow-ups is not an easy task.  I never  said I was going to provide a picture of every child wearing a dress donated. If this is what some expected and is going to be a problem then I hate to be blunt and rude and that maybe  some of you should re-think whether to donate a dress or not to my cause  because I cannot assure everyone that their dresses worn by the children will end up in a picture.  Thank you.

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  1. You are doing an amazing job coordinating this charity, whilst working full time. I am sure the vast majority of donors would never expect a picture of recipients wearing their dresses or other items, we understand this is just impossible. Because this charity has grown so much, perhaps it is time to share the administration workload, as you are understandily starting to sound a little overwhelmed. This would free you to concentrate on the things you really enjoy doing, as it is important that you continue to enjoy your involvement. Perhaps if you asked on facebook, or here on this blog, there would be someone who live near you willing to help you with the administration, picking up parcels, packing etc.

    Please be assured you are making a great difference with all your hard work, and we all thank you for your efforts.

    Karen Hislop
    Burnie, Tasmania