Sunday, 5 January 2014

A couple of reminders for the day

One of these days I will be making a summary of all my observations on all parcels I receive. 

Reminder #1 is on straps. When making dresses with straps, please be generous with your straps. Dont forget that you do not know who is going to end up wearing the dress you are making so a bit of flexibility is needed. We dont want the child to become uncomfortable with her new dress. We want her to enjoy wearing the dress. 

Reminder #2 is on pins left on dresses or boys' shorts that you make. Make sure that before you packed your dresses or boys shorts that you remove all the pins you used. Twice in a row last night I got pricked by a pin. Note that I usually do sorting and packing at night after a full day's work so I cannot really see these pins sometimes. I only know about it when I have been pricked. We are here to help one another so it would be nice if along the way while helping no one gets hurt. 

Thank you for being so understanding.

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