Sunday 26 January 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/1 #2 - 26 dresses from the Bardon Brownies

This is Donation Acknowledgement #2 - the second exception. A parcel of 26 dresses made by the Bardon Brownies under the guidance of Heidi McKellar. Not sure why I miss this as I am always excited when donations are made by kids, kids helping their less fortunate counterparts. When I did a review today of all the forms I received the past 2 weeks (normally I do not review forms but I did one today for some reason) I found one submission from Heidi McKellar. On the form she wrote that she was sending 26 dresses made by the 1st Bardon Brownies. Girls aged 7-10 years old and further said "Thank you for doing what you are doing and giving everyone the inspiration to help others!". I remembered one of the parcels I picked up last week was from her so I immediately located the parcel, opened it and this is what I found inside the parcel. The Bardon Brownies with the dresses they made. Amazing! 
and these are the 26 dresses they made and some of them have not even done sewing before -
Awesome kids for an awesome world! Kids joining Dress A Girl Australia in shaking for a better world in 2014. It is such a nice feeling when you see your hard work triggering others to do the same to make this world a better place. 

Thank you so much to all the 1st Bardon Brownies and to Heidi McKellar for organizing and guiding these little kids to appreciate what they have and share with their less fortunate counterparts. It is so much appreciated. Thank you.

In appreciation for what these brownies did, I am including these 26 dresses in my parcel to Kenya for the little Kenyans to own which I am sending next weekend. Thank you so much.

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