Thursday, 16 January 2014

Important Information on parcels

Good morning everyone. Last year i hurt my left arm due to a parcel weighing more than 5 kilos. Even the guy at the counter of the post office said to me that it was very heavy. He helped me but he could not take out the parcel from the trolley anymore. My arm still hurts a bit everytime i lift something. This is not my main job guys i have a real job to earn a living and i dont want to get hurt or be in pain because of this. 

So i am going to make a change as far as sending parcels is concerned. There should be no parcels sent that is weighing more than 5 kilos each. You can send as many dresses as you want. That is not a problem but please make sure that they are packed in kilos of 5 each. This is a must to avoid injuries. Remember i dont only picked up parcels i also send. 

People who are offering to help pick up parcels they are older than me so i cannot expect them to lift something that i myself cannot do so please be considerate. If the postoffice guy tells me that he thinks it is too heavy for me to lift then i will not pick up the parcel until such time i can find someone to pick it up. I worked for a company where safety is the number one priority and practically brainwashed by it so i will also apply this concept to this volunteer/work campaign to avoid accidents and inconveniences.

So again, please be considerate and be guided with this information. Thank you.

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