Saturday, 4 January 2014

Candle supplies' listing on ebay

I received 3 emails and a comment in my blog posting about the ebay listing I did for the candle supplies. I hope this is a good sign that there will be someone who would make a purchase soon. :-) 

I did the listing under my personal account (leisurestuff) rather than creating a Dress A Girl Aus account as I dont think it would really make any difference. ebay has strict guidelines if you are selling for charity. It does not matter which account it was listed. All I know is that if the items get sold soon,  I will have the biggest smile on my face especially that I know I would be making 70 girls in Miwani Kenya happy for giving them new dresses. The items are not on auction as I want a fixed price for it and I think whoever buys the items can still make money if they try to resell it. The selling price is below cost and fair for the quality of the items.

For the Tin Moulds - Floater/Tart - Seamless - 142 pcs - selling for $42.95 plus actual postage of $16.35 including signature upon delivery. here is the link - 

For the candy thermometers - 8x - selling for $32.50 plus actual postage of $10.00 including signature upon delivery. here is the link -

If any of the above links do not work, please try to copy the URL address by highlighting the line, right click your mouse and select copy and then paste in your internet browser. If you still have problems, please let me know and I will try to work out what the problem is. Thank you.

I think I will do a few more postings of my personal items and see if it gets sold then perhaps I can send two parcels instead of one. :-)

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