Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Big sizes ...where are they going

I have a collection of donated dresses (about 20) which I think will fit teenagers – ages between 16 to 18 or maybe 20. They were labelled as size 12 or 14 but I think these are too big for 12 or 14 kids. So I asked a few contacts from different locations/countries  if they can find me teenagers who they think would love to own these dresses and one  responded that there are a lot of teenagers who would be happy to receive these dresses. These teenagers do not go to school because of poverty. Some of them are still in the elementary grades and takes them longer to finish school because their parents cannot afford to pay for their tuition fees. They sometimes go to school and  drop out in the middle of the year because there is no money anymore to pay for the fees and not knowing when they are able to go back. So I have decided to pack up these dresses to send to the Philippines (again since it is nearer and they deserve it too... and can save me a lot on postage - stuff is a bit heavy due to size :-)) and give to these teenagers to wear. To let them know that even if they cannot go back to school yet,  someone is thinking about them and thinks they still deserve to  own a nice dress.  For them  they can only dream of a better life while some of us are already living it .

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