Sunday, 26 January 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/1 #1 - Beanies from Gaylene

I am making a couple of exceptions on donation acknowledgements (official start is still in April) because I need the items that have been donated. Donation #1 is from Gaylene Herrmann which is a pack of 7 beanies. These beanies I will be allocating to the Winter Appeal for South Africa where winter sets donated needs a beanie.
Here are the 7 beanies from Gaylene -
Two of these have already been allocated to the two winter sets I have donated (one green and one blue). I do not know how to knit so I definitely cannot make a beanie. LOL! There are five more left to be allocated.

To Gaylene, thank you so much for the beanies. So handy in the winter appeal program. Much, much appreciated.

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