Monday, 25 August 2014

2 Dresses for Project Uganda

My sewing machine has been back from repairs for almost a week now but I still have not found my desire  to sit down and start making dresses which I want to for Project Uganda. So last night at about 10pm I forced myself to sit and start making a dress until I give up and by midnight I gladly finished 2. I used black bias tapes using a cream thread as I have about 5 reels of unused black bias tapes which I want to start using to free up the space it occupies in my cabinet. No black thread since I cannot see them well at night   when sewing but lots of white thread. Actually they are not white, they are cream so I used cream against black. I dont want to buy materials these days as I do not want to spend any money. It didnt look bad except if my sewing is not in a straight line it shows but dont think that will make much difference. At least I had the right fabric materials and make 2 kids happy.
These fabrics were donated by Nicole Devet and Jenni Kirrilov on behalf of her mum. And both these dresses will be allocated to Project Uganda.

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