Friday, 1 August 2014

Picture Feedback from parcels sent to Morningstar Foundation South Africa.

I received this picture and letter tonight from Tricia of Morningstar Foundation South Africa. These dresses were included in one of the 6 boxes (South Africa Winter Collection) I sent to Morningstar Foundation in South Africa last month. Seeing these kids with their big smiles makes the job (although hard as sometimes you have to endure negative comments, of people trying to bring you down for reasons I cannot understand why and takes a lot of effort to be very strong) very rewarding and fulfilling.

and here is the letter I received with the pictures -
To access a larger and more readable version of this letter, please click here.

Thank you Tricia and Joan for such a wonderful letter of gratitude and the pictures. Not only did the girls had such great big smiles on their faces but it also brought a big smile for me. Thank you. And thank you to the donors who made this distribution possible. Much appreciated.

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