Monday, 18 August 2014

Label requests

Good day everyone. I have limited number of labels left and find it difficult to find the time to make new ones as most of my spare time is spent on finding ways to raise money for postage. I will be filling up requests but going to cut down the number of labels to send vs what was requested. This way I am able to provide labels to more donors. Thank you.

Also, if you want labels, please can I ask that you fill up the form to request labels. I dont think it is too much to ask. This way, I only have to look at one log and able to do the job effectively. Let us make a difference by helping one another too and filling up label forms makes quite a difference to the tasks I have to do on my limited spare time. This way, you dont keep on sending me emails asking where your labels are. 

Starting today I will only fill up requests send using the form -
Here is the link to the form - click here. The link can also be found on the left side navigation pane under the 'Dress A Girl' forms -

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