Saturday, 23 August 2014

Quilt Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#4 & #5 - From Graham and Tannis

Why is it that whenever I see a quilt I always have the feeling of comfort and joy? And this is the same feeling I had with Quilt Donation #4 Tannis Brennan and #5 from Graham Purcell. A feeling of comfort and joy even when I have all the luxury of warmth, comfort and joy already in my own home. So just imagine the kind of warmth, comfort and joy a few kids in Romania would feel when they get a chance to receive one of these quilts. What a difference it would have in their lives.
1) Quilt Donation #4 is from Tannis Brennan which was sent in a parcel together with dresses and shorts -
2) Quilt Donation #5 is from Graham Purcell. I remember very well the very first time when Graham sent me an email early this year asking if it was ok for him to get in touch with me and introducing himself as quite a competent sewer for a male. I dont think he realized that at the time I read his email how impressed I was with his accomplishments as a sewer and I dont think I would be braved enough to put my sewing credentials (which is sewing a pillowcase dress) next to his.
Anyway, thank you so much Graham for these wonderful quilts and to Tannis Brennan. Thank you. These are very well appreciated and thank you for helping a few kids feel warmth, comfort and joy during their winter season.

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