Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Updates on Project Hope Burma and parcels

Here is an update on Project Hope Burma after I posted a status update last night and a few parcels that were sent last week. Since the only way I can communicate with everyone especially to the donors is through this blog and facebook page (and not everyone I believe is keen on facebook but this blog has all the details), I just thought writing this post would be a great idea to keep you all informed of major activities happening within Dress A Girl Australia and whereabouts of some of your donations-

1) Project Hope Burma -It was raining and pouring when I woke up this morning but it was 'rainbow' day as far as this project was concerned. The posting I did last night for 28 more t-shirts for the boys in Htee Ther Leh primary school in Myanmar was generously filled by Catherine Jenkins. So now all 103 boys will be receiving new pairs of shorts with new t-shirts.

2) I did a posting of this in my facebook page but forgot to post here in my blog. Just to let everyone know status of a few parcels that I have already sorted and packed and waiting for send-off. Four parcels started their long journey (between 10 to 12 weeks)  last week to Romania and Peru.
         - 2 parcels of quilts were sent to Romania last 21-Aug-2014. Click on the 'Romania parcels' link below to see which quilts made the journey  -
         - 2 parcels of dresses and pairs of shorts were sent to Peru last 20-Aug-2014. Click on the 'Parcel links' below to see which dresses and pairs of shorts made the journey -
                                               Parcel 1             Parcel 2                                              

Fingers crossed they all will make it to their respective destinations in time for Christmas. Now it is time for me to make a follow-up on parcels I sent in May and confirm if they have made it to their locations.

As Christmas time is fast approaching, watch out for more updates on status of a few more parcels ready to for take-off.

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