Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Latest Update on Project Hope Burma and Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries)

As of tonight, this is the status on Project Hope Burma and Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) -
         Project Hope Burma - 177 dresses, 75 matching sets of t-shirts and pairs of shorts for the boys
         Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) - 87 dresses

Also, I got advised that for the first delivery to Burma in October, in one of the schools in Myanmar were distribution will be made, there are actually 103 boys. We are kind of short of 28 t-shirts between the ages of 9 to 12 . If there is anyone out there who would like to donate t-shirts between the sizes of 8 to 10 so we can provide to all 103 boys instead of to just 75, it will be very much appreciated. As usual, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. 

These are some of the kids that will be recipients of your kindness and generosity when delivery is made in October. I am sure they will be very happy and grateful to receive your gifts. Thank you.

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