Sunday, 3 August 2014

Too thin and flimsy materials used

I have to say this so anyone who wants to donate will start to think twice before donating. I am very disappointed with some of the dresses I received in June. They really are very thin and flimsy that if the child has a tattered undie underneath it will show through the dress. The purpose of why we make dresses is to give a child a decent dress to wear and to give them a thin and flimsy dress that shows everything underneath...I do not see the purpose of why we still provide them a dress. Perhaps they are better off with their tattered dresses. I am not going to beg to make sure your dress materials are acceptable but if you want to help make a difference by donating a dress, please make sure that they meet the standards otherwise they will not be included in any of the distributions nor am I going to spend so much time reminding everyone or letting donors know that their dresses are too thin and flimsy. The cost to send these items are very expensive and I want to make sure that I send only the ones that are of good quality and will last for a long period of time. Thank you.

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