Saturday, 2 August 2014

Looks like my mojo is back

Looks like my mojo is back to create small things again. About two months ago I made these 6 teddy bears hoping to sell to help me raise funds for the Dress A Girl Australia well. For some reason I lost my eagerness to finish them and just left them lying down in one of my craft trays. I was planning to make and sell  an 'Adopt a Teddy Bear' born on this planet earth with a mission of making this world a better place. I had everything set in place including the tags to print but I lost my mojo to finish them. Sometimes it just happens.
Well, guess what. Last night I took one of them and made a set of clothes for it. I guess my 'mojo' is back. Although it is not completely finish yet, the collar needs finishing touches and I need to print the tag but at least I put my hands back into it. This is Teddy Bear Alvin, born last night 1-Aug-2014 with a mission to make this world a better place. He is about 27cms tall and 17cms wide. His 'make this world a better place' mission is to help raise money to drill a well in the community of Kalagi Uganda and give hope to the people of the community. I hope to finish all 6 and take it with me on market day next weekend.
I also created another 'small thing' yesterday. An 'I Love Quilting' mini banner with sewing charms hanging at the bottom edge. Today I will find a blank card that will fit the banner so it is easy to give as a gift. It measures approximately 12cms x 7cms.
Some people think I make weird things and not apt for raising funds. What can I do if nobody likes them. At least I made something. ♥☺♥ This world is not mine but I can do anything to make it a better place.

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