Wednesday, 13 August 2014

More sets for Project Hope Burma

I have been able to match 10 more sets of t-shirts & shorts for Project Hope Burma Parcel 2 to be sent soon for delivery in early October. 
These sets made possible by
1) Lyn Granger 
2) Vanya Bryant 
3) Maureen O'Brien
4) Eliza Leahy
5) Inspired Peel Sewers
6) Catherine Jenkins

Thank you to the donors who made these sets possible. It is much appreciated.

For those who have committed to make donations for this project, please make sure that the parcels are posted on or before the 15th of September. At this stage I am not sure how committed I will be on the second delivery in December as I have other locations to think about for Christmas distribution. By the time I have sent all the parcels for early October delivery to Victoria, my postage budget for this project will have been used up. The second delivery will not take as much priority in my extra time as this first delivery. Also, there is a group that will be focusing on sewing dresses for this project based in Victoria, If you want to join this group, please send an email to

With these 10 sets, it brings my total to 49 for t-shirts and 49 for shorts. Dresses still remain at 80 but with the emails I have been receiving about parcels being sent, I am looking at 150 dresses by the end of August. And with the fabric materials I have sent in the first parcel including elastics and another batch in the next few days, I am looking at perhaps another 50 dresses being made by the group in Victoria so that would more or less bring my total to about 200 dresses. Thank you for your support.

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