Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cards for Dad Fundraising Sale

In 2 weeks time we will be celebrating Dad's big day. Sept 7 is Father's Day in Australia. Since my family always celebrates Dad's day, I always find it a pleasure to make small cheap things to sell to help celebrate the big day. Small cheap things but wonderful keepsakes. Small cheap things but heavy in message. For this year, a few items I have made and now available for sale in my e-shop hoping it would raise some money for postage fund.
Please click on the image above or click here to check out these items from my Dress A Girl Australia e-shop. Hope you will find something that you will like and make a purchase.
Dont forget to check out my new printed greeting cards too. All proceeds from sales will be donated to my Dress A Girl Australia well project for the people of Kalagi Uganda. Please click on the image below to check out my handmade cards e-shop.
They all come in standard 110mm x 155mm white plain cards with matching white envelopes for easy gift-giving.
For 'Get well' cards, click here.
For 'Little Sentiments' for any occasion, click here.
For 'Cards for Dad', click here.
For thank you Cards, click here.
For Birthday cards, click here.

Drop by the online shop regularly as new items are being added almost everyday. Please help spread the word as they are all handmade for a great cause. Check out here some of the distributions of dresses around the world I have made from the proceeds of sales from my online shops. About 20% of these distributions are paid for from the proceeds of selling some of these stuff. Instead of going to my pocket I give it to the world. The rest I get the money from selling stuff I do not need. Links to postage receipts are available on this page. Although sales are not that big, they still contribute a lot to the cost of sending dresses around the world.

Click here for my fundraising page for a Dress A Girl Australia well to be built to give hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda.

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