Thursday, 7 August 2014

Machu Picchu Adventure Pictures

For a change I thought I would share a few pictures taken from my recent Machu Picchu adventure instead of dresses and/or pairs of shorts or undies (haha). Since we came back to Sydney, I havent seen any of the trekkers as most of them had to immediately go back to work so we still have not exchanged pictures yet. It was my brother and my niece who did a lot of picture taking.

Anyway, here are a few magical images at the border of the Inca Trail. The 6 brave members of the Sun clan who chose to hike to get to Machu Picchu. On Day 4, we met with the rest of the members of the group at Machu Picchu. These are the ones who took the train like my sister and his son who could no longer get a ticket to the hike since tickets were no longer available since Feb and we bought our tickets in January.
A pose at the entry of the Inka trail Km 82 -
While waiting for our passes to be approved to enter the bridge -
This is the Inca Bridge. The start of the uphill climb which you see on the left side. We climbed as high as 4,200m. And once we made it, the porters were there to clap their hands of our achievements. Once you crossed this bridge there is no turning back. 
This is the view from the bridge. On the right side is the train track if you are taking the train which is about 3 hours ride to the Machu Picchu train station and another half-an hour ride by bus to get to the archaeological sites. 
Another magical view from the starting point of the Inca Hike.
One of the highlights of the Inca Trail Hike are the porters who carry duffel bags weighing at least 25 kilos of personal belongings, food etc to make the hikers comfortable when they reached their base camps at night. You cant help but show your appreciation and respect at what they can do.
This is the picture of me and my sister with the porters who were assigned by the guide on Day 3 to help us balance ourselves on the uphill and downhill paths especially on the very rocky areas and in paths where only one person can walk and if you look down it was quite scary. There are supposed to be 4 of them but one seems to be missing from the picture. Or was it him taking the picture? hahah! The porters were very nice and used to helping people. the only thing is that you have to remind them not to walk fast or run as it was quite difficult to catch up with their pace. I had to use whatever Spanish I could muster from my brain so we could understand each other. Whenever we reach a spot, the porters would clap their hands that we made it. was so funny. They were always ahead of us to make sure that we were comfortable when we get to the lunch site or camp site. There were 6 of us trekking and we had 1 guide, 2 chefs and 11 porters.
The Peruvian kid I adopted before I flew back to Sydney - Her name is Nusta Amaru Allcca, born in Quechua Cusco on April 11, 2008. Nusta means princess.
also with a load on her back

I hope to be able to share more pictures on this site of our adventure. On the 15th of August is my Dad's 7th death anniversary. We will be having a family gathering so by that time I would be able to collect more pictures to share.

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