Thursday, 28 August 2014

More dresses for Project Uganda from Millhouse Collections

The 'pressure' button is on. At work, when I have deadlines to meet, I switch on a 'pressure' button. And whenever this button is active, excellent results happen. I complete a task even before it is due. I solve a problem just by looking at the error. I work like nobody else is around even if am surrounded by lots of people. 

Well, I replicated the 'pressure' button with my work here in Dress A Girl Australia. I sort and pack, answer emails, write articles for my blog, update my facebook page, take pictures of dresses donated and acknowledge them like there are no other tasks to do. I close my eyes and ears to people's comments and I can sew. I enjoy what I like doing best and that is create something to make a difference. And since last night and tonight, this is what I was able to complete with the 'pressure' button switch on - 7 dresses for Project Uganda - Fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections.
 The 'pressure' button will remain switch on until I have sewn 20 dresses. Latest count is 10 so I need to do 10 more for perhaps another day and a half and then I move forward to another task on hand. 

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