Tuesday, 26 August 2014

More Dresses made from Millhouse Collections' Fabric Donations

Yes, it looks like my sewing mojo is back. My sewing machine and I have been busy the past two days and as of today, I have made six dresses and 2 pairs of shorts. All dresses will be allocated to the Project Uganda(Destiny Faith Ministries) and more dresses to come. Sewing is the only thing that is on my mind these days while the momentum is still there..my desire to sew is still up there.

The fabrics used on the 3 dresses you see in this picture were donated by Nicole Devet and Jenni Kirillov on behalf of her mum who used to be a seamstress and is now retired. The fabrics for the 2 pairs of shorts were donated by Nicole Devet.
The 3 dresses made below were from the fabric donations of Millhouse Collections(c-o Sue Daley). 
and I know this is a big ask but I intend to finish these 11 pre-cut fabrics as I want to send more dresses to Uganda and am now five days away from the deadline of end of the month. These pre-cut fabrics were also donated by the Millhouse Collections and there are more dresses to come.
By the time I finish this batch I would have added 17 more dresses to Project Uganda and if there is still time I intend to make that 20.

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