Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#114 to #115 -From Eliza Leahy and Renade Fulton

Last two donation acknowledgements from last week's parcel pickups from Eliza Leahy and Renade Fulton.
1) Donation #114 is a parcel of 39 dresses from Eliza Leahy. Six of the dresses have been allocated to Project Uganda.
Would also like to acknowledge the following people for their fabric and accessories' donation, help in postage and support in making these 39 dresses possible -
1) Zoe Farris, Sherrie Martin, Wendy Peters, Tracie Thistleton, Cheryl Luck
2) Kerri Murchie for fixing Eliza Leahy's sewing machine.
3) Sharon Skinner, Wendy Millgat-Mougenot, Dave B, Loreful, Ross Dawe, Andrea Digney, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Elizabeth P. Flint
4) Karen L. Macleod, Zoe Farris, Linda Robinett and Jacquie Houlden
5) Jon Pestana, Rob Crosby, Liz, Debra Kuch, Mal Lloyd and Judith Mott
6) Marg, Kaires Tevesu, Caron Murphy, Rosamund Brawn Robbins, Cherry, Jeff Rowse, Bec Hollis, Ann-Margaret Morrisey, Lara and Don Mcpherson
7) Marty Key, Shantel O'Connor, Danny Goodrich and Natalie Johnston.

2) Donation #115 is a parcel of 7 dresses from Renade Fulton. All seven have been allocated to Project Uganda.
Thank you to all the donors for making these donations possible. Your kindness and generosity are highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

With these last 2 donations, this brings my total as per below for Project Uganda and Project Hope Burma -

Project Hope Burma -
        - Dresses - 177
        - Shorts - 75
        - T-shirts - 75
Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) -
        - Dresses - 87 Dresses

And for those who still intend to donate, please note the following cut-off dates for the projects - all parcels posted on or before -
Project Hope Burma - Sep 15, 2014
Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) - Aug 31, 2014.

Thank you to all who have made these projects a success so far. Your kindness and generosity are highly appreciated. Thank you.

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