Sunday, 8 June 2014

A glimpse of my family

If am not watching TED videos, Saturdays are full of fun and adventure with family. Sometimes we are a big group and sometimes not but the major players (like me of course) is always present. I think the only time I missed the adventure was when I had to go to work on a Saturday at 430 in the afternoon and the groupie did the National Pass although it was a foggy and rainy day at that time. I am sharing some of the personal things our family does from time to time so you would have a fair glimpse of what type of people/family we are. I really do not have to but sometimes I feel like I need to share a little info so people stop asking who you are or what you do and/or sometimes where did you come from. Sometimes I just laugh at these questions.

Here are some pictures taken by my brother of the group at the Grand Canyon Blue Mountains yesterday. One of the best walks we had so far. There were so many pictures taken but just to give you an idea as to what the Grand Canyon looks like from the bottom. The full circuit which is about 5.5kms walk took us 3 hours (normally 3-1/2 hours)  including rest stops and food breaks as there are kids with us and we have to eat LOL!...and of course to enjoy what you rarely forest. And also we had to walk for about thirty minutes back to where we left our transport at the Govetts Leap Lookout (where we started and ended in the Evans lookout)
Here is our group picture - the same group that will be doing the 4 days-3 nights Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in July except for 3 the kids on the right (only one of the 4 kids is going) and missing from this picture who is also coming with us is my niece Danie (works for the UN) and her boyfriend Henrik (works for a German NGO) who are based in Bangladesh. We will see them in Peru. Two more did not make it on this adventure and I think we have new family members joining in the future. 
 Here is another picture taken from the waterfalls -
and here is the map of the Grand Canyon trail - in case you would be interested to try.
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of us and our adventure.

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