Monday, 16 June 2014

Simple things to remember

As more and more are sewing dresses to support this campaign now I understand why I have to post reminders every now and then. These days I spend so much time sorting, packing and raising money to be able to send  dresses to different locations around the world I no longer can find the time to sew so dresses donated to this cause are always accepted and received with heartfelt gratitude. I started this cause not knowing that I would be getting a lot of support and donors from the community especially that I am just an average person working full-time to earn a living(an unknown but always find ways to enjoy life) trying to make a difference. I do not know any big names or big organizations to support my character, reputation and my work and this is the reason why I feel more determined to make it right and be more successful. I want to be able to sing happily or listen to music while doing the tasks of sorting and packing and not getting cranky because I see another dress that does not seem right. 

So here are some simple things to bear in mind especially for those who are thinking of joining this campaign. These are simple things that will save all of us a lot of time, money and effort (whether you are a dress donor or a distribution volunteer) and makes a big impact on the quality of this cause I have started thus making it more successful and thereby avoiding inconveniences.

If anyone thinks these rules or tips are too much to follow or I do not have the right to put these in place, then it is up to you to decide whether you want to join or support this campaign. At the end of the day (and after sorting and packing 1,400+ dresses the past 4 weeks), these rules prevail. If the aim is to help make a difference, then let us do it right.

1) If you are sewing dresses to donate, please make sure that you are using the right kind of fabric material. Fabric materials should not be the thin or flimsy type, must be able to withstand washing in rugged environments. Cotton fabrics are highly recommended.
2) Avoid using fabrics that require linings. If the material requires a lining that means it is not strong enough to withstand washing in rugged environments. Also dresses with linings are double the weight of dresses without lining. Instead of sending 2 dresses I can only send 1. Please be more understanding of the weight of the dresses that you donate.
3) If you are using ribbons, please use the grained type of ribbon and make sure it is long enough to tie. The same goes with bias tapes if you are using this for pillowcase style of dresses. Please be generous with the length to make the dress wearable.
4) If you are using ribbons, make sure that you run a few stitches at the point where they need to end in the neckline area (near the armpit) to make sure that they do not get detached from the dress. The dress will not become wearable without the ribbons.
5) No second-hand or used clothing. There are some locations that are very strict in letting in second-hand or used items. Please do not waste your time and money for postage in sending used clothing. Used clothings will not be included in any of the distributions. This rule is also in fairness to all the ladies who find the time to sew.

6) No repairs will be made to dresses donated that I think do not meet the standard. They will not be included in any of the distributions. We want to see the dress worn by the child for as long as it can be worn and not just a one-day wear. Remember, for some, this could be the only dress that they get to wear and call their own for a long period of time.

 *** Please always provide your email address (write it on a piece of paper and include in your parcel) so if there is a problem with any of the dresses you sent I can get in touch with you. ***
7) At this time and until further advised I am not accepting donations that are wearable only for the cold and/or winter seasons. I have no space in my house nor in my garage (which is full)  to keep these donations for next year’s distributions. 

Thank you and thank you for your understanding.


  1. Very proud to be part of such a great group xxx Vanya

  2. I like to recycle quality doona covers into clothes. These are usuallySheridan or simnilar brands.I buy them from opshops and can get many dresses from one cover. Is this OK?

    1. Hello, if they are slightly used and not thin or the flimsy type it should be ok. one should not be able to see their hand behind the fabric especially the light-coloured materials. Thanks.