Thursday, 12 June 2014

Still trekking but not fundraising

The other day I mentioned in Dress A Girl Australia's facebook page about the possibility of raising funds for charity. I made a last minute decision to apply our upcoming Inca trek adventure as a possible fundraising activity for the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. Not sure how effective the fundraising would be but all proceeds goes to the BCIA Organization if we get an approval. If we dont get approved, we still are going anyway. We have nothing to lose

After submitting forms and more needed today I decided not to proceed with the application. I thought the information provided in the application form was more than enough that we are not asking for sponsorships, we are not asking for expense reimbursements, we have comprehensive travel insurances, all donations made will go to the organization, we just thought it was a good idea to be able to help out as a lot of people are asking if we are doing it for charity so possibly raise money to help with research but it turns out that there is more hassle in trying to help out than in what we actually are going to do to help out. The forms turned me off and I'd rather spend my time between now and our departure dates making sure we have everything we need, done our vaccines than filling up forms. Maybe it was not meant to be or I chose the wrong organization. Didnt know there's so much red tape even when you are trying to be of help. All the while I thought it was just a simple application to fill up. Now I know it is not that easy and explains a little as to why admin cost of some of these organizations are very high. Oh well, there was no harm in trying and I can proudly say at least I tried.

I am an activist and a craftivist so once in a while I will be boring you with my ideas and opinions. Love doing it even when I was still in school.

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