Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Target Number of Dresses for India

In January of this year I set a goal of sending at least 500 dresses to India. Looks like am on my way to meeting that target. As of today, I have sent 267 dresses. 217 of these have been received and 50 are waiting to be confirmed. This parcel was sent on the 26th of May and should have been received by now. Once I get confirmation of the 50 dresses sent I will send the parcel of 57 dresses waiting in the queue. I normally do not send any parcels until I get confirmation of receipt of the last parcel. Should not be that difficult to send the remaining 176 until the end of the year. If am not mistaken I still have about a hundred dresses all sorted and waiting to be packed.

The recipients of these dresses are the Garden of Life Orphanage and the Mercy & Grace Charitable Trust both located in Andhra Pradesh state of India.

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