Friday, 6 June 2014

Room looks more like a room now

Feeling bored with sorting and packing, I thought I would share with you how my spare room that I used for the dresses that I receive looks like. After all the packing I did the past two weeks, my spare room now looks more like a room. Except for a few more dresses on the side which I am saving for Kenya, I can finally see some of my unfinished quilts hanging on the back of a chair (I think there are about 4 of them) and I will not find it difficult to get and use some of the tools I have on the table. I can even see now the hard drive which I used for my embroidery machine. LOL! I dont have to jump from one plastic bag to another which was a bit dangerous actually especially if I had to get the heavy stuff like the badge machine. As of today, this is how my spare room looks like - it is really just a small room. Luckily the bed is a sofa bed so you can see on the side it is a sofa this time.
But I just transferred the stuff to my garage once they were all sealed. It is now in the garage that I find it difficult to find my way around and being safe-conscious(after being brainwashed about safety at work) I dont think this is safe. Even my treadmill has its share and is burdened with this box which I think weighs about 18 kilos after I weighed all the plastic bags inside and I cannot bring it down to the floor anymore...and cannot use my treadmill. There are two more boxes not on this picture as it is behind my car.
When these parcels are all picked up by Sunday, I can have my space back for a while and can go back to sewing to get ready for my next market in early August (which is just about a week when I come back from my holiday so not too much time to spend) and can start using my treadmill again. And I also finished filing all the papers that need to be filed that were everywhere even occupying a space in my benchtop for months. Whew!! Now it is time to clean the house.

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