Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Saving the flimsy dresses by matching with pairs of shorts

One of the things I have to do when sorting to prepare for distributions which delays the packing is finding a match for some of the dresses I have identified as 'not wearable' with pairs of shorts. These dresses are tagged as 'not wearable' and therefore cannot be included in any of the distributions because of the fabric materials used. The materials are too flimsy or too thin and you can actually see through the dress. I do not and will not repair any dresses that I receive which I find not suitable. I think that with all the things I have to do which includes lifting these boxes to take to the postoffice it is no longer fair that I still have to do repairs so I put these dresses on the side until such time that I can figure out when it can be included in the distributions. I even think that some donors should feel lucky that I still try to find a way for these dresses to be distributed and not just put them or drop them in charity bins. I could do that if I want to but I know how much time and effort you spend sewing these dresses.

If I can match the dress with a pair of shorts, then I include them in parcels. Matching them with shorts will more or less cover the lower part of the dress which is see-through. Although the upper part of it is still flimsy, at least it will not be as bad as the lower section or if the whole dress is completely see-through. Here is a sample of a matching I recently did and saved the dresses. 
So again, I would like to reiterate for everyone who intends to donate dresses to please make sure that you use the right fabric materials. I also encourage future donors to please write their email addresses or contact details and insert these notes inside the parcel so I can get in touch with anyone whose dresses donated have problems. Please be more understanding and not make comments that it is my job because my job is to help anyone who wants to make a difference but in the right way and I dont believe it is that difficult to follow proper procedures. I, too, want to spend some of my spare time sewing dresses so I can see some of the children wearing the dresses that I made.Thank you.

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