Sunday, 15 June 2014

Do all dresses require a lining?

Here is another observation I had with some of the dresses I received and am not really sure whether it is my english that is difficult to understand. A few of the dresses I have been packing were heavier than the others and I found out that these dresses have linings even if the fabric materials used are thick enough not to have linings. One dress with lining could be equivalent to 2 or even 3 normal size 6 or 8 dresses especially if the dress with lining is a large size. Normally in a plastic bag I can squeeze in as many as 12 dresses which would weigh about 1.5-2 kilos (depending on the sizes) but one of the bags I pack tonight only had 5 dresses on it and weighed almost 2 kilos. Just by looking at the plastic bag I could not figure out why so I decided to unpack and start unrolling the 5 dresses and I found that they had linings as thick as the fabric material of the dress. I am not criticizing dresses that are being donated. I appreciate all of them and I know that some of you wants a perfect dress but I think sometimes you also have to think whether it is practical to put a lining on a dress that is already thick enough to withstand washing in rugged environments. Please bear in mind that the sending of these dresses to different locations is based on weight and note (and I emphasized on the word note) that even if they are handcarried they still are based on weight to make sure they do not exceed their weight limit. People who volunteer to distribute these dresses sometimes have to walk handcarrying these bags to the area. For me they are doing us a favour and the less cost they incur making the distribution the better it would be so it would be great if we appreciate what they are doing by not making these bags too heavy for them to carry. If they are heavy it is because they have more dresses to carry and more children provided with new dresses but not heavy due to overweight dresses. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the people handcarrying and distributing these dresses and even the child who will be wearing the dress. Some of these volunteers go to hinterland or remote areas to help us make a difference. I believe that the process of making a difference and the feeling of joy that you have made a difference does not end when the dresses have been sent to my postbox. It is when the child gets to receive and wear the dress. That is when we have really made a difference. So please be more understanding. A perfect and practical-to-wear dress.Thank you.

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