Thursday, 12 June 2014

Feedback on parcel sent to Mercy & Grace India

This is why I find it very important to make sure I keep track of all the parcels I have sent including the dates and monitor the arrival at the intended location as sometimes they end up in a different address and the poor dresses gets lost. It is a very time-consuming task of monitoring or rather laborious task is a better description because you have to know when the estimated time of delivery is going to be and when it is time to make a follow-up but well worth it if you want it to end up at the right place. It is not just a pack&send type of work. With all the documents kept for the reference numbers it is easy to request for a tracing with the Australia Post. And in my case where most of the dresses are sent via mail, this is greatly needed.

Here is the feedback I received from Nirmala of Mercy & Grace, India on the parcel I sent them last 26th of May. 
Thank you Nirmala for letting me know. I just hope that all the dresses in the parcel were intact. 

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