Saturday, 14 June 2014

Update on Dress Distributions for everyone's info

I just finished or about to finish distributing about 1,400 dresses or 1,412 dresses to be exact, 289 pairs of shorts for boys, 153 t-shirts and 59 quilts. Unless it is really necessary or I can find volunteers to handcarry them for me, the next bulk distribution will happen towards the end of the year between December-January-February 2015. All dresses received from the 1st of June (2 weeks ago) and future dresses received will be distributed on this timeframe.

Please be guided by this information to avoid inconveniences. Sometimes you need to take a break to achieve ultimate happiness so I am taking a rest from the sorting, packing and sending of dresses around the world and spend some time on sewing, crafting and raising money for the Dress A Girl Australia well for the community of Kalagi Uganda....a personal goal that I set and want to achieve for myself this year. 

As I will be away most of the month in July, I will be running two charity drives sometime in August (when am back from my holiday) one of which is for school supplies for my school starter kits for next year's distribution for the streetkids of Metro Manila Philippines. I still am undecided on the second drive but for sure you will be hearing from me about this and I still would be very active blogging about the activities of Dress A Girl Australia...just no distributions.

I will still be picking up parcels regularly for those who will still be donating dresses and as they are received, they will be formally acknowledged but put on hold from distribution. 

Thank you and thank you for your understanding. I did bring 1,412 big smiles to this world, made a difference to the lives of at least 1,412 kiddies around the world and made this world a better place for them. Thank you everyone.

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