Sunday, 15 June 2014

Quilt Distribution #7 - For the kids of the BFO Orphanage Papua New Guinea Parcel 1A

I planned to share some of the blanket quilts I received last year with the kids of the BFO Orphanage in Papua New Guinea especially that I received more than what I expected but because the quilts are kept in another room I keep on forgetting I have to pack for them. Out of sight...out of mind. :-) Kidding aside, I am just really too busy sometimes I forget I have other things to do aside from dresses. 

Anyway, am not sure what the weather is like in Mt Hagen these days but I know that those kids need blankets especially those that sleeps on the cemented floor. Unfortunately I can only fit 4 quilts per box (cannot use big boxes as I may not be able to lift and seal them) due to the thickness of the items and the sizes so this time I am only sending 8 blanket quilts and hope to send more soon. So here are the two parcels of 8 blanket quilts which I will be posting this coming week for Aunty Rosa's kids  -
and here are the contents of these two parcels -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Linda Smyth
2) Craft and Hope Group Kapunda S.A.
3) Vera Jeffs
4) Shirley Bell
5) Karen Lienberg

To see larger images of the quilts, please click here or click on the special tab "Dress Distribution" located at top of this page.

Thank you all for making these 2 parcels of 8 blanket quilts possible. Thank you for your support of Dress A Girl Australia's initiative to keep a few children around the world and this time the kids of the BFO Orphanage in Mt Hagen Papua New Guinea warm at night, make them feel comfort and joy even if they are sleeping on the floor. Thank you. It is very much appreciated.

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