Sunday, 8 June 2014

Quilt Distribution #6 - Quilts for South Africa c-o Morningstar Foundation

Since I had to send at least 30 kilos worth of clothing to get really good value for money on the sending of parcels to South Africa I decided to send some quilts as well for the children of Morningstar Foundation. Of the six parcels two of them are filled with 13 quilts and is Distribution #6. I think there is no need to show the parcels here as it has been published already in the Dress Distribution (all  6 of them) but here are the contents of the 2 parcels -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Vanya Bryant
2) Craft and Hope Group of Kapunda S.A.
3) Annette Norley
4) Vera Jeffs, Lorraine Sandow & Gaynor Bottcher
5) Sandra Turnbull

To see larger images of the quilts, please click here or click on the special tab "Dress Distribution" located at top of this page.

Thank you all for making these parcels possible. Thank you for your support of Dress A Girl Australia's initiative to keep a few children of South Africa warm and make them feel comfort and joy during their winter this year and the years to come. Thank you. It is very much appreciated.

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