Thursday, 12 June 2014

What actually happened on Tuesday

Last Tuesday I set some tasks to do for the day and except for one box of dresses sealed for India, the rest of my plans did not materialize. 

First the 'ebay day' was spent on more sorting and filing of documents, receipts etc in preparation for the 2013-2014 income tax returns. I was lucky on this though. I did finish all of them and are now in their allocated envelopes just waiting for the end of the tax year.

I was not able to wrap and pack my block quilt to send as I did not finish my sorting and filing till about 11pm. And because it rained that day I decided not to go to the city. I did spend an hour re-labelling all the parcels I have for South Africa to comply with customs requirements on consignment boxes(unaccompanied baggages). I just need to write a letter now as to the purpose of the consignment boxes and hopefully I will be able to send them next weekend.

And in an hour's time I am going to the city and do some shopping. 'ebay day' will have to wait I guess when I get back. Woohoo!!

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