Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dress Distribution #63A - For the children of Aparri Cagayan Valley Philippines (c-o Norie Bordador)

Dress Distribution No 63A are 3 parcels of  200 dresses, 4 matching tops and pairs of shorts and 54 pairs of boys shorts to be sent to Norie Bordador of Manila. Norie and her group will be travelling to Aparri, Cagayan Valley which is about 550  kms away from Metro Manila when the parcels are delivered to them. These dresses will be distributed in a location called Roma Norte in Cagayan Valley Philippines.

Here are the parcels -
and here are the contents of the parcels which I have divided into 3 groups of images -
Parcel #1 -
 Parcel #2 -
 Parcel #3 -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Vanya Bryant
2) Evelyn Smart (Fabric by Sarah Fraser)
3) Ladies of Kapunda Sewing Group
4) Evelyn Smart, Colleen Barry and Veronica Tooey
5) Beryl Hourigan, Marilyn Jenkins, Marie Dale, Kate Hardy and Terrie Ross 
6) Julie Bolton
7) Annette Norley
8) Lorraine Walter
9) Katherine Nott
10) Sian McIntosh
11) Lisa Gallagher
12) Heather Harris
13) Emily Bieber and friends
14) Two Bettys - Betty Barrett & Betty Paull
15) Tannis Brennan
16) Stephanie Barone
17) Jill, Elaine, Haze and Vicky from South Australia
18) Gaylene Hermann
19) Golden girls Kay, Pauline, Betty & Julie 
20) Damara Sestanovic
21) Norma Schubert
22) Womens Shed, Tamworth Regional Craft Centre
23) Linda Smyth
24) Two Margarets - Margaret Blanch and Margaret Leech
25) Virginia Smith

Also included on these parcels were 60 pieces of boys(30x) and girls(30x) undies from the Ladies of Kapunda Sewing group.

For larger images of the items, please click here. For more details on this distribution (and also at a later stage when feedback is received) please click here or click on the special 'Dress Distribution' tab which you can find at the top of this page.

A wholehearted thank you to all the donors who made this parcel possible. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. It is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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