Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Real good buy I think for school starter kits

Last week while I was finalizing my purchases for the things I need to bring for our Peru trip, I came upon an on-line shop which was selling school supplies at wholesale prices without any minimum quantity or amount to purchase. The shop was selling full-sized colouring pencils (10 colours in a pack) for as low as ninety cents per pack. These packs normally cost at least $2.00 each in retail or bargain shops. Although they are no-name brands but I dont think it would make any difference at all. A child can still do some colouring using these pencils, a red would still be a red, a blue would still be a blue and so with the rest of the colours. So I ordered 36 of the sets and it arrived today. 
Unless someone can tell me where to buy these items at these prices, I think I found a good value for money for my school starter kits. Instead of buying 3 quick dry t-shirts for my trek I ended up just buying 2 at the moment so I can pay for these colouring sets. Not complaining though. At least I am not buying fabrics or fat quarters. LOL! I think I still have time to buy another shirt before the month of June ends. And when I get back from my holiday I can start making my starter sets.

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