Saturday, 29 November 2014

10 dresses for Thursday (27-Nov) and Friday (28-Nov)

I think I am ready for the Dress Sponsorship program which starts on giing tuesday this coming Tuesday, 2nd of December. I made 10 dresses the past two days which are open for sponsorship. For a $10 sponsorship, each of these dresses will be paired with an undie, magic slate, mini teddy bear, hair tie, a lolly and a 'special person' button. I have not decided yet as to how to pack these items but most likely I will be using the remaining unsold christmas stockings I have in my Dress A Girl online shop and if I need more I think I still have some small bags left from the Christmas bags. Am pretty sure the recipients of these dresses have not received any present yet wrapped in a large socks. It probably would be a first of everything.
I hope to make another batch of 10 dresses this weekend and another 10 in readiness for giing tuesday and am keeping my fingers crossed that this time I will be successful in this fundraising as I have always been a failure in my attempts. I always ended up picking up the tab. What to do. And I want to be happy too just like the girls who will be happy when they receive these packs. (LOL!)

So don't forget giing tuesday and help spread the word around especially for those who do not sew and are looking for opportunities to make a difference starting this tuesday and in 2015.

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