Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pairs of shorts for today - 4-Nov-2014

Since I stopped sewing for a week last week my mojo to sew a dress has not come back but tried to at least make something today. Earlier in the day I started sorting all my scraps and got rid of those that were really, really small and which I think I can not really do anything out of it or have no time to make use of the sizes. During the sorting I saw these fabrics which I thought would still make good pairs of shorts but in small sizes. And indeed, I was able to make 4 good enough for small boys aged between 1 to 3 - these materials were donated by Kim Foster and Sash Hinton. The green material is from my personal scrap collection.
No dresses today instead 4 pairs of boys shorts and a cleaner spare room in the house after getting rid of all the useless scraps. I hope my mojo to sew a dress comes back soon.

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  1. I did the same the other day and cut out 4 pairs of size 4 shorts for Dress a Girl - all bagged up with elastic ready to sew. Might take me a while to sew them, but at least I've started.